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Cory Bernstein became one of the most sought after male models throughout the world during the past 20 years of his modeling career. 

Having at one point in his career a total of 27 different modeling agencies representing him internationally, the demand for Cory Bernstein for print and runway work eventually led him to be known simply as "Cory the Model." Working for only the upper echelon of magazines, designers, and couture fashion houses in campaigns for such names as Gucci, Prada, Armani, YSL, and Versace, Cory was afforded the lifestyle most only dream of; jet-setting worldwide to exotic locations for shoots that would land him on the covers of international issues of Vogue, within the pages of all of the top fashion magazines, walking the runways of the world's fashion capitols, as well as appearing in spots on television and film.It was during the dawn of the term ‘Supermodel" that Cory the Model had become synonymous with style and luxury.

 Cory's company and brand "XOC" was born in 2005 with exclusive jewelry designs created and crafted, his initial pieces were immediately sought after by his celebrity friends. This celebrity scene would become his initial market and customer. 

In 2011 with a life time of passion, knowledge, and interest from many years of modeling and using the top beauty products, Cory decided to launch under the XOC International brand, the Count Cory - XOC Skin Care Line. 

Working with chemists and product developers in United States, Canada and Chile, Cory's first product was launched -

Count Cory COLLAGEN & VITAMIN WRINKLE DEFENSE Moisturizing Creme, with various models and celebrity friends using and loving this product sold online and in stores. 

In February of 2010, Cory was honored by being bestowed two inheritable Nobility Titles as Count Cory Scott Bernstein of Pomerania and Count Cory Scott Bernstein of Latwia. He still prefers just being known as "Cory".

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